Innovation. Collaboration. Customer Focus.

Message from the CEO

Welcome to CODEplus, where innovation intersects collaboration to redefine digital transformation. We specialize in Agile DevSecOps, ERP Modernization, Data Analytics, ITSM, and Cybersecurity, but our essence lies in fostering lasting partnerships and nurturing collaborative environments.

At CODEplus, we believe in more than just cutting-edge technology; we prioritize people and relationships. Our approach centers on co-creating solutions alongside our customers, weaving together best industry practices and quality processes and procedures while cultivating open, cooperative cultures. Our success is not solely measured by technological advancements but by the strength of the partnerships we build. We're dedicated to understanding our customers' unique challenges, working hand-in-hand to navigate the digital landscape while fostering enduring connections that fuel innovation.

Thank you for considering CODEplus as your collaborative partner on this transformative journey. Together, let's shape a future where innovation, collaboration, and meaningful relationships drive your digital success.

Jinan Aboushakra,  President and CEO