Solutions - eManageIT™ pRFID Warehouse Solution

Product Specifications:

CODEplus’ eManageIT™ passive radio frequency identification (pRFID) warehouse accountability and inventory management solution enables accurate distribution, receiving and receipt, store, inventory, pick, issue, turn-in, and retrograde of supply and materiel accountability between the distribution center and the installation central receiving point (CRP), supply support activity (SSA), and customer receiving activities.

Benefits of an AIT-Enabled Warehouse:

  • Increased Operation Readiness
    • Accuracy – have vs. should have; precise reporting
    • Timely Delivery – quickly locate critical stock
    • Visibility – awareness of asset movement throughout the warehouse
  • Optimization of Warehouse Functions
    • Decrease Customer Wait Time (CWT)
    • Cut redundant purchasing and minimize labor hours
    • Improved efficiency and increased productivity

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